Life Lesson From My Dog

Recently my dog, Spirit, reminded me of a very important life lesson. We go outside to play fetch almost every day. For more than a year, he refused to drop the ball after retrieving it. My approach was to say “drop” over and over again or lightly choke him with his collar to get him […]

The Courage To Speak Up

Sitting in a cozy armchair, the smell of lavender drifting through the air, I hear my name. “Sheena?” I look over to see a large Jamaican woman in her 50′s. I stand up and she introduces herself as my masseuse. She leads the way through the lobby door and down the hallway to a massage […]

6 Things Happy People Know And Practice

Happiness is a choice. An attitude. An effort. A lifelong practice. For any given moment in your life, you have the luxury of choosing how you want to feel. Do you want to focus on what you dislike or what you appreciate? The choice is yours. Here’s six things that happy people know and PRACTICE! […]

To Hold Back Is Suicide

As you’re laying on your death bed, will you be able to look back over the life and say: I fully lived ?? If not, why? Do you not want to fully live? My guess is that you do want to live fully. With meaning and purpose and joy. But maybe you’re holding back because […]

4 Tips To Greater Stage Presence

Command over one’s audience is exercised through command over oneself. – Click to tweet. Stage presence is an ingredient all actors, dancers, musicians and speakers desire to attain. But it’s not reserved just for stage performers. It can just as easily be applied to every day life. When you’re speaking with a friend or group […]

What Your Poop Says About You

Don’t turn your back and act superior. I know you poop. We all do. In fact, if you don’t poop you’ve got bigger problems than your superhuman ego. Personally, I love poop. Well, that’s going a bit far. Rather, I love pooping. It’s relieving. It’s relaxing (most of the time). And it’s often when I […]

Stop Resisting Stage Fright

I’ve struggled with stage fright my entire life. As a child, I was terribly shy. I ran off the stage during a Christmas performance and wrapped myself in the stage curtains so no one could see me. I avoided public speaking at all costs, even if it meant having to skip class the day of […]

How Not To Meditate

Sometimes when I sit to meditate I am able to focus my mind and stop thinking within a matter of minutes. Other times, it may take an hour or longer – or not happen at all. The times I find it difficult to meditate are usually because I am doing one or more of the […]

Don’t Wait To Apply These 8 Mindsets

A couple nights ago on our drive home, my hubby and I got into a discussion about how we approach life now as apposed to in our 20′s. We both agreed that our new mindsets contributed to more satisfaction and fulfillment. So I thought I’d share our thoughts with you. 8 New Mindsets You’re not […]

Why Getting Started Is Hard

By far, my biggest challenge when beginning this blog was self-doubt. It didn’t just slow me down, it prevented me from getting started for two years. Though I was willing to do whatever it took to learn the necessary skills and mechanics, my fear of not being good enough to put myself ‘out there’ is […]